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Instructions ac86b0039dc7325c4d1d2c400bd82149ba39b0ea8d7e7cc682f9f2ecd9b36391

Instructions ac86b0039dc7325c4d1d2c400bd82149ba39b0ea8d7e7cc682f9f2ecd9b36391


This area will contain your mappings! 
Here, you can group different dots and develop your own text, including references and links to the online universe. Below, a few pointers that may prove useful:
1. Register in the platform. If you have already, then follow the steps below.
2. Start the mapping process by clicking on “Add map +”, on the left menu. Name the map and click on OK.
3. Now you can navigate the platform, noting that each content page contains a "+" sign on the top right-hand corner. By clicking on the sign, you add the dot to the map.
4. Also note the map edit and delete buttons. These two tools can be used at any time!
5. Now, you simply need to share your mapping. To do so, click on the Facebook or Twitter icon, or else copy the URL from the browser and send it to your students or interested parties; your mapping is ready to be commented on.

6. You may create more than one mapping and have all your mappings listed in your page. Our team may eventually contact you in order to publish one of yours as an official PLATFORM : VB mapping!

Your map has been created!


Now, add the dots you wish to it. While navigating the platform, note the "+" icon atop each dot file; click on it and the dot will be added to your map.





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          About PLATFORM:VB

          WHAT IS IT?

          PLATFORM : VB is an online art research tool where the voices of artists, curators, educators and the audience interweave. Like a laboratory of interaction, the elements that comprise the platform (dots, mappings, and tags) weave a web of connections established via multidisciplinary, polyphonic investigations.

          Designed to continuously operate alongside the actions of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, this platform aims to explore and expand the relationships between the set of works in the collection, the public programs and other activities carried out by the organization.

          The platform’s contents are based on dialogues with various authors, and they constitute a flow of shared editing. Here, questions are renewed in layers of readings, which evidence the authors’ speeches about their work processes. This collective research network also connects with other elements on the Internet — such as links, embeds and attachments —, enabling a transit through a series of expanded connections.

          From unassuming navigation to the preparation of classes and seminars, PLATFORM : VB can be used both as a research and curating device, and for educational purposes. Moreover, this tool seeks to create new mediation structures dedicated to contemporary art production, evidencing connections between the myriad contents tackled by Videobrasil.

          HOW DOES IT WORK?

          The intercrossing of relational webs in PLATFORM : VB takes place via keywords or key concepts. Its elements can be accessed from three different navigational levels:

          dots_ visualization of the network’s contents and their relational coordinates.

          tags_ lexicon of keywords that connect the dots on the platform. If, on the dots page, these words take the form of connecting lines, here, they highlight the concepts that relate the contents on the site.

          mappings_ groupings of dots proposed by guest authors. By pointing out new relationships between the elements in the platform, the mappings overlap layers of meaning to its contents, suggesting other contexts and references.


          The platform is open to your collaboration.

          Navigate the site, peruse its maps, understand its coordinates; each dot contains a field for your questions and comments.

          You can also create new connections and devise your own mappings; they may eventually be published on the site, depending on the editor’s choices.

          Click the + icon contained in each dot file, on the top right-hand corner, to add it to your selection. The dots will be stored in my maps, where you can view the set of works selected and formulate a reflection about their connections.

          Contribute to expand the axes of research and mappings on PLATFORM : VB!





          Undertaking | Associação Cultural Videobrasil
          Conception | Thereza Farkas e Sabrina Moura
          Direction | Thereza Farkas
          Coordination | Cláudio Bueno
          Architecture and Design | Cláudio Bueno e Vitor César
          Programming | Andrei Thomaz e Pedro Moraes
          Content editor | Gabriel Bogossian, Isabella Lenzi, Ruy Luduvice, Régis Alves e Sabrina Moura
          Editors' assistant | Isabella Lenzi
          Translation | Gabriel Blum, Ana Paula Gomes, Marcia Macêdo
          Proofreading | Fabiana Futata e Stephanie Fernandes

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